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Corporate Testimonials

Terrence Daryl Shulman's presentation: "Biting the Hand that Feeds: The Employee Theft Epidemic … New Perspective, New Solutions"  was a fascinating, thought-provoking, and highly informative presentation. The training provided invaluable information and tools for recipient rights investigators to understand the person, circumstances, risk factors, and theft deterrence in today's world. Terry's personal and professional background—social worker, attorney, and "in recovery" from stealing since 1990—ensures expert working knowledge of employee theft.
-- Denice Virgo, LMSW. President, Recipient Rights Officers Association of Michigan

Terrence Shulman has been retained by ®Radio Shack to consult at a national level about the prevention of employee theft. Click here for a special endorsement by ®Radio Shack's Senior Manager, Investigations.

Terry Shulman gave an excellent presentation on the importance of honesty at our high school. He talked to the students about shoplifting, stealing, lying, and cheating and the consequences of these pervasive behaviors. Just as schools offer educational programs on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, unsafe and coercive sex, and violence/aggression, programs on honesty and integrity should be more widespread. Terry's presentation was down-to-earth and our students responded with interest. --Kathy Abbot, Bloomfield Hills (Michigan) Lahser High School health teacher

"Terry Shulman has been an incredible asset to our teen youth offenders program since 2001. We feel grateful to have such an expert on shoplifting and stealing speak to our group of teens several times a year. I've always had good feedback from the teens and other staff about Terry's presentation content and style. He manages to take a subject nobody really wants to talk about and bring it into the light to examine. He makes the kids feel safe, respected, and valued. I highly recommend Terry as a speaker/presenter."—Rhonda Major, Coordinator, Taylor (Michigan) Youth Assistance / Downriver Guidance Council

To whom it may concern,
Please be advised that Terrence Shulman guest spoke in June of 2004 at the annual Professionals in Pretrial Services Conference (PIPS). He was one of the most informative and professional speakers we have had in the 13 years I have served on the board of directors. His resume speaks for itself. In January of this year (2010) we purchased and implemented his theft awareness program. The feedback we get is extremely positive and we look forward to running statistics and recidivism rates. I highly recommend his theft awareness program.--Dusty J. Guidry, Director of Pretrial Services, East Baton Rouge, Louisiana District Attorney's Office

Counseling Testimonials

How can I ever thank you enough for all the you have done? While I am deeply disappointed in my actions that led to my finding you, I am so happy to have learned so much, grown to understand myself, and begin to heal--all thanks to your remarkable patience and therapy. Your guidance and support, along with the CASA support group, has made me a stronger, better, and more self-aware person. I will be forever grateful. Wishing you nothing but the very best in all you do. --K.A., Maryland

Hi Terry,

Things have been quiet here, thank goodness. I've settled my embezzlement case privately with my former employer so I don't have to go to court. I'm finally eating and sleeping again. I've not had a single urge to steal anything and even think "no way!" when I read news stories of people who are caught stealing. I honestly think that the active urge/need to steal has gone from me, but I'm not so naive to think that it isn't still dormant inside me. But overall I'm feeling good and making progress with moving on. I think it is such am amazing gift and talent that you're able to take on the problems of all the CASA participants, and to help them turn their lives around like you did for me. I thank God every day for leading me to you! -- Tatiana, Oregon

Thanks. Terry
I had problems with stealing from family and friends--even my own husband--for many years. I had much anxiety about making that first telephone call to Terry but he extended a gentle hand in the first seconds and made me feel all was going to be okay. My work over 10 weeks with Terry was most enlightening and has given me a fresh way to view things. I feel confident moving forward. --Kim, Texas

Hello Terry!  Just wanted you to know that I'm doing well. Keeping busy with two jobs and I've got goals that I've set for myself this year but I have to remind myself to be patient and take one day at a time. I'm headed in the right direction I know this for sure.
I was able to get my felony charge dropped to a misdemeanor. Needless to say, I'm truly grateful. This is my reminder every day.......... I mean EVERY day!
Again, thank you so much for your help. I go back and read your notes from our sessions quite a bit. They help and remind of the things that trigger my behavior. It's all good! I don't pretend that I'm "cured" or anything like that, something I would've convinced myself of before (actually I did do that!). I'm just accepting and aware of the fact that I can slip right back into that behavior very easily if I'm not careful.
Will keep you posted on any changes, hopefully they'll be good ones. Thanks again! --M.D-- Mississippi

Nearly one year ago, after my second arrest, I knew I needed help but I still didn’t seek it out. After my third arrest, a few months later, I still felt the same but I knew I had to do something this time. When I first heard about Mr. Shulman and his counseling program I didn’t take it seriously. If anything, I figured people probably just sought his help to get him to write letters on their behalf to help reduce their court sentences--who wouldn’t want this kind of assistance? How wrong I was.
It didn’t take me long after speaking to Mr. Shulman myself to know he really wanted to help me. Not only did he help me understand my shoplifting issue but helped me get a hold on my life. He was there anytime I needed him and was willing to discuss anything and everything. He helped me tie together lots of different aspects of my life to help me understand what I was really dealing with: the underlying issues.
The best thing I did to help myself get a handle on my addiction and my life was to contact Mr. Shulman and to utilize the CASA online support group which Mr. Shulman started and co-moderates. The support group has been an invaluable source of assistance and encouragement: it’s helped remind me I am not alone with my problems and now I have a place to share both my problems and successes and a means to help improve my life.
I hope someday to put shoplifting behind me and go on living without the worries I have now. Since completing Mr. Shulman’s program, I’m doing well and, if the need ever arises, at least I know I have the support of Terry and all my new friends at CASA. It’s a nice feeling knowing I have people out there who understand me and support me without prejudice and without reservations. We could all us friends like that. -- Don, PA

Thanks is not enough, for all you have done for me -
My journey to recovery began for me on Sept 19, 2008. I was facing three separate legal situations, I had recently lost my job (for stealing) and at the very moment I felt complete hopelessness..... the shame, the pride, the guilt, the embarrassment were so overpowering..... I honestly had NO idea how I was going to survive this problem/situation. I remember that evening as if it was just last night - it was the first time I had admitted to myself and family members of my shoplifting addiction - it truly was the first day I felt FREE - the burden lifted and I know longer had 'my secret' to hide. The days ahead were painful and challenging. I reached out to our family psychologist and started to get therapy in dealing with my 'mess'/addiction. It was clear I was dealing with a different kind of demon and I prayed, I prayed some more and more.....
God heard me! I was searching for additional support around my shoplifting/stealing behaviors - searching to understand WHY? Then I found Terry.... I entered into his 10 week program, read his books, joined the online support group and made a honest commitment to myself to overcome this addiction. I'm forever grateful for Terry and his work, his passion.... within a couple sessions, I felt his sincere, honest approach to helping others. At times, our sessions were challenging for me - I was required to begin to deal with some personal experiences which brought me 'pain'. This was the pain/anger I covered up through acting out my addiction (since childhood).... Terry helped me to work through these issues. I learned to forgive myself.... to forgive others too - Most importantly, I learned I was not alone.
When I came to Terry, I was broken (literally), I had no idea why/how but I knew I was going to change my life for the better and I did. The investment was worth every dollar - it saved me, my LIFE.
I encourage others who are struggling to take a step of 'faith'. Trust you are where God placed you to be - every experience has a life-lesson attached. Although, my journey created much hardship - It brought me much peace, joy, happiness and comfort. I was able to establish 'true'/'honest' meaningful relationships with my husband, children, parents. family and friends. Today. I'm a new person, cherishing life's simple joys, recovering from my addiction, one day at a time - I'm grateful for so many, Terry being one of them.
With God All Things are Possible"  --  enjoying one day at a time, FREE, in Denver, COLO

I had embezzled a lot of money from my company and I was on my last rope. I was having nightmares and was sacred to death I would go to jail. I was found out and thought everything was over. But the company owner, his wife, and the CEO had read an article by Mr. Shulman about new ways to approach shoplifting and employee theft. The article cited research that 66% of people who have stolen will steal again whether or not they spend time in jail. The company decided to let me keep my job if I paid back the money I embezzled and completed Mr. Shulman's phone counseling program.
When I started my sessions with Terry, I was emotionless, scared and I had no idea why I stole. Through the sessions, I learned to slow down my thinking and to feel my feelings. I had been acting destructively in my career, my marriage and with everyone in my life. Being able to stay at work to actually see the looks on the faces of those I betrayed was the hardest thing I have had to go through; I don’t think I could have done it with out Terry. He listened to me, gave me encouragement, and pointed out things I hadn’t seen or felt before. I had a phone session with Terry and the company owner and and he was able to have both of us see and hear each other’s side.
I also had two phone sessions with Terry and my husband. My husband was able to get a lot off his chest and Terry constantly asked if I needed to say anything during those very tense moments.This has really helped my marriage: now, my husband is able to get his thoughts and mimic Terry by stopping to ask me if I have anything to say. I've been able to learn to listen and also to express what’s on my mind without fearing the world is going to fall apart around me. Terry's book and online support group also have helped me greatly.
I have learned I don’t have to steal when I feel out of control. I also have learned what my triggers are, what the signs are that could make be out of control, and the things that I need to do to stay safe. I continue to work through the shame and the remorse I feel for what I did. I now know that I crossed the line. I am very aware everyday that I need to draw that line in the sand and not cross it. --Karen from So. California

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